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3D · MZZ4-090A

Medium Soft
  1. Coconut Fiber Cotton: Offers robust support with its unique mesh-like porous structure, ensuring excellent breathability.
  2. Latex: Certified to EU Standard 100, this natural latex provides premium comfort.
  3. German Miller 3D Mesh: With its exclusive "X-90°" structure, this material features dual-sided mesh pores and six-sided breathability, allowing free airflow of air and water. It creates a micro-circulation air layer both inside and outside the mattress, promoting a dry and comfortable sleep environment. With 40 fibers per square centimeter, it provides precise support akin to 40 independent mini-springs. Pocketed Coil Springs: Each spring is individually wrapped in fabric pockets, ensuring undisturbed sleep by minimizing inter-coil motion. This design offers precise, independent support to different parts of the body.

Bed Frame

Available in King and Queen Size


  1. Dual Support System: This mattress combines ultra-mini pocket coils with a five-zone independent coil design, ensuring sensitive adaptation to different body shapes and sleeping positions.
  2. Multi-layer Ventilation System: Featuring 6D breathable cotton (silicone cotton) with a 97% perforation rate achieved through blasting technology, this mattress allows air to circulate freely through each pore, preventing sweat buildup and maintaining dryness. It also includes latex and Sanitizing Sponge for over 95% dust mite resistance. The mattress perimeter is lined with 3D breathable mesh fabric, enhancing overall ventilation and moisture-wicking for a more comfortable sleep experience.
  3. Rich Sleeping Sensation: With its blend of five-zone independent coils, ultra-mini pocket coils, latex, edible-grade silicone cotton, far-infrared health cotton, and Sanitizing Sponge, this mattress provides a luxurious and layered sleeping experience. Heavier individuals benefit from robust support and ample elasticity, particularly in the waist area, while lighter individuals experience gentle, precise contouring and envelopment.


Medium Firm
  1. Six-Sided Breathability: The mattress base utilizes 3D material with an X-shaped hollow structure, fostering internal air micro-circulation. Surrounding the mattress, 3D breathable mesh fabric ensures all sides remain ventilated, preventing moisture accumulation for sustained freshness and cleanliness, enhancing a cool and refreshing sleep experience.
  2. Dual Antimicrobial Protection: Swiss-engineered Sanitizing Sponge technology lines the perimeter, achieving a 95% mold prevention rate and 99% bacterial inhibition. The comfort layer features environmentally friendly and breathable latex material, providing dual protection against mold and dust mites, ensuring a sleep environment free from microbial interference.
  3. German Miller 3D Material: With 40 support points per square centimeter, this material equates to over 1.4 million support points across a full mattress (193*203cm), akin to millions of micro-springs. This design maximizes pressure relief for muscles and spine during sleep.


Product Dimension: 1190*500*590mm


Product Dimension: 530*600*860mm

Star Light MCZ2-039

  1. Five-Zone Support: This mattress features an ergonomic five-zone pocket coil design, contouring to the head, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. It adapts to your body's curves, ensuring effective lumbar support and perfect shoulder relaxation. This design promotes full-body relaxation, reduces tossing and turning, extends deep sleep, and ultimately improves sleep quality.
  2. Natural Latex: The comfort layer contains natural latex with honeycomb-like pores that keep the mattress dry. Latex offers excellent rebound and contouring properties, soothing muscles and relaxing your body after a long day.
  3. Triple Protection Foam: The wave-shaped foam is flexible and lightweight, absorbing and dispersing pressure through its peak-to-valley structure. This design doubles the pressure relief, providing sensitive support for every curve of your body and promoting deep, restful sleep.

ARIES Fabric Bed Frame

Product Dimension:  Queen size: 211*230*125cm  /  King size: 241*230*125cm

Nordic Minimal Wool Fabric Bed Frame

Product Dimension: King size: 214*246*76cm / Queen size: 174*246*76cm

Fabric Bed Frame

Premium cotton linen covering Feather silk cotton with high-density sponge insert Solid wood structure Carbon steel base King size: 242*229*93cm